Meatpacker / Death Tripper split

by Meatpacker

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  • Meatpacker / Death Tripper split 7"
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Covered in blood Skull and grey matter Your Captive bolt Makes captives halt Medulla gone Motor skills fucked Pain centres Burning
Jugular vein Carotid artery Trachea All cut Brain starves Heart beats faster Spraying like seed Pissing life away Sharp knives dull Sure hands shake All this pain Our mistake
All Creatures Are born free Yet everywhere They are in chains All Creatures Are born free Yet everywhere We are in chains Strung up upside down Still kicking Life falls away All over the concrete floor
A nice piece of ass Turned into profit Another woman used Another life a product This is how you lose weight Steak by steak Right down to the fucking bone
Cartlidge cracks in your hands Dead juices through your fingers You're in elbow deep Gaping wounds, cleaved in two Passing through this afterlife World of mutilation You're Dead Now we'll erase your carcass from existence From living machine To a dead machine Things that sustain life All become hot dogs
Brain Eyes Lungs Heart Brain Eyes Lungs Heart Pulling out kidneys With your bare hands Sorted by taste Ripping out livers All brown and wet Dropped out of sight Dead Brain Dead Eyes Dead Lungs Dead Eyes Dead Lungs Dead Heart
Knives flap Like Dying fish Unpredictable Hard to control Live or dead Cut to the bone Human lives Become collateral damage
Random parts All mixed up Nothing left Nothing left In a cell In a cage Waiting to die Waiting to die Worthless life Judged by others Waiting to die Waiting to die
take a leaf out of the honest book know when to fucking stop when it feels like the wolves are hungry learn that less is more forgiven for self righteous sins but never a selfless act laying the card upon the table it seems the truth is finally entact, but, i digress...
how can i arm myself without armour? how can i arm myself without armour? how can i arm myself without armour? lay out the diagrams my illustration and explanation with teeth and nail we tear at the forces that pull
my head is filled with water can't remember what you said but in this state i'll make it through the purgatory that is facing you sleeping like a corpse fuck, my head. never again.


released January 1, 2013



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